Things to Know about the Trending Mattresses

Mattresses with latex: More expensive because the technological process is more expensive, these mattresses use natural or synthetic rubber foam instead of polyurethane. More rigid than previous models, latex mattresses can thus use an internal structure with larger alveoli, allowing for better ventilation while maintaining the same anti-allergenic character. Made of either cheaper synthetic rubber or natural rubber, these mattresses offer good comfort, well-located distortion and long life, which are limited by the natural aging of the rubber. Superior to simple foam or memory foam models (with some exceptions); they have a medium firmness to hardness and are closer to the feeling of a spring mattress.

Since the polyurethane or latex foam has some particular characteristics, each manufacturer attempts to improve the problem of ventilation, ultimate deformation or overheating by different methods. As you rarely have the opportunity to cut a mattress to admire its interior, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications and choose according to the number and nature of the layers, their thickness and the internal or closed honeycomb internal structures. At Ameri Sleepyou will have the best of the lot at your disposal.


Air mattresses

Available in a wide range of models, ranging from small-sized products designed for camping to king size models designed for permanent use, they have the great advantage of getting rid of the choice of a spring or foam model with its inherent limitations. Because it can be swollen as it pleases, this type of mattress eliminates the need to choose a model with optimum firmness depending on where you are sleeping, possible affections or personal preferences. Advanced models, which are also the recommended ones, use a complex internal partition that eliminates lateral deformations and even allows a half-bed to swell to a different pressure.

Water mattresses

The liquid version of the previous models, these have the major advantage that they can be electrically heated to ensure increased comfort. Disadvantages are numerous: water mattresses are more difficult to fill and empty than those with air, a breakage is the overflow of large quantities of liquids, and low-cost models without buckling make disturbing waves when you move. Tougher than air models, water mattresses do not offer such a soothing beach of elasticity and rigidity. Good models are very expensive, and as a basic rule, you should avoid the idea of ​​buying such a product because, frankly, you are complicating your life unnecessarily.